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Each timing system has a unique serial ID and password which is required when creating an online account. Thereby only accepted persons are able to view live timing from your timing system.


View accounts are free. This type of account is meant for people associated with the athtletes. You define your account type when registering.

An athlete account has a subscription fee of 49,- NOK (Norwegian krone) monthly. A unique athtlete ID will be generated and is entered by the skier at start of the slalom course.

An athlete account also have access to view both live timing and previous results.

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wiTimer showing mesh-connectivity.

wiNode rear view.


For equestrian sports: Information regarding the equestrian Timing System will soon be up and running on the site!

The site has just been released, so more content and pictures are on the way!

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Did you know that all the wireless nodes (intermediates, start and finish), also act as wireless repeaters?

Did you know that you can place all your intermediate nodes in the slalom course in order to benefit from the wireless repeater feature (mesh technology), even though you only plan to solely use start and finish?

Did you know that you don't define a common radio frequency channel for the timer and the nodes? The system uses frequency hopping spread spectrum (FHSS) which means that the timer and the nodes are changing radio channels many times every second. This is very beneficial when channels are bussy or experience interference!