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Introducing the :

  1. 500 mW transmitter for start, intermediate and finish impulses.

  2. two-way radio transceiver (transmitter and receiver) for "behind the curtain" communications with wiTimer and other wiNodes.

  3. re-transmitts impulses received from other wiNodes - for drastical improvement of total transmission range.

  4. simultanous impulses from all intermediates, finish and start supported.

  5. fully automatic and self-healing frequency hopping spread spectrum [FHSS] modulation and full mesh network impulse routing.

  6. waterproof (IP65), with breathing membrane ventilator (at the bottom side) for handling condensation due to temperature and pressure differentials.

  7. high contrast 128x64 pixels OLED display for easy operation and for registration of athlete-ID (BIB) when defined as start module.

  8. industrial grade, low temperature continous flexible cable to start gate - directly fastened to wiNode-Start module without any connector - for trouble free operation.

  9. integrated photocell on wiNode.

  10. rechargable.

  11. super-strong magnet inside wiNode-Start for simple positioning against a slalom pole together with a pole-clip magnet.

  12. wirelessily firmware upgradable from wiTimer for new features. wiTimer gets the new firmware image from HC Timing server.

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HC Timing is a supplier to the Norwegian Ski Federation and other national ski teams.
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Did you know that all the wireless nodes (intermediates, start and finish), also act as wireless repeaters?

Did you know that you can place all your intermediate nodes in the slalom course in order to benefit from the wireless repeater feature (mesh technology), even though you only plan to solely use start and finish?

Did you know that you don't define a common radio frequency channel for the timer and the nodes? The system uses frequency hopping spread spectrum (FHSS) which means that the timer and the nodes are changing radio channels many times every second. This is very beneficial when channels are bussy or experience interference!