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Technical Specifications
Weight260 grams
DimensionsEnclosure: 120 x 69 x 28 mm^3; Antenna length: 180 mm
Radio physical layer 500 mW and 150 mW transmission power. In mesh network mode: Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum (FHSS), GFSK modulation, narrowband channels with high sensitivity receiver, 17 channels (FHSS) @ 869 MHz ISM band, radio collision avoidance (Listen Before Talk).
Radio protocol layer Full mesh network (trigger impulses are repeated by all wiNodes). Supports up to 6 jumps in any possible jump path (example: Start ⇒ IM1 ⇒ IM2 ⇒ IM3 ⇒ IM4 ⇒ Finish ⇒ wiTimer).

Impulse transmission redundancy. Radio packet validness check (CRC-16). Handles simultaneous impulses.
Radio transmission range wiNode to wiNode: 14 km *. Typically, for long courses like downhill etc, wiNode modules would be positioned at the top of pitches throughout the slope. This ensures strong and reliable radio signals throughout the course.

(* 14 km is a conservative result based on the '2-Ray ground reflection model' where modules are placed 2 m above ground level. A more than adequate fade margin of 10dB is used in the model. Much greater range is achievable if each module is placed very high above ground level [like mountain top to mountain top]). In practice, pitches will degrade the radio signal strength received and the range is reduced substantially. This is where the mesh-technolgy comes into play.
Impulse accuracywiNode to wiNode/wiTimer: ± 0.2 ms
Time base26 MHz TCXO (Temperature Compensated Crystal Oscillator), ± 1 ppm stability vs. temperature, ± 2 ppm initial tolerance, ± 1 ppm/year aging
Operating temperature-20 C° to +50 C°
Power supplyInternal 2500 mAh Li-po battery with intelligent internal charging circuit. Battery temperature monitor, short circuit protection and overvoltage protection. Rechargable. Also rechargable by USB Power bank.
Battery life12 to 20 hours of continuous use (includes photocell and wiNode power supply). Battery level indication sent wirelessly to wiTimer. Also shown on wiNode.
FirmwareNew firmware updates sent wirelessly from wiTimer. wiTimer downloads all firmware directly from our server via Wi-Fi.
Microcontroller32 Bit, 64 kByte MCU FLASH memory
User interfaceWaterproof 4-button keypad. High contrast 128x64 pixels OLED or graphical LCD display with LED backlight (customer may choose). Easy menu for module definition (start, intermediate[1-4], finish or ext. impulse using charger connector), transmitter power level and other selections. All configurations are stored in memory.
MemoryAdditional FLASH memory external to MCU.
Cable connectionsCable through waterproof cable gland to photocell and to start gate.
Water protectionPhotocell: IP67. wiNode: IP65
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HC Timing is a supplier to the Norwegian Ski Federation and other national ski teams.
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Did you know that all the wireless nodes (intermediates, start and finish), also act as wireless repeaters?

Did you know that you can place all your intermediate nodes in the slalom course in order to benefit from the wireless repeater feature (mesh technology), even though you only plan to solely use start and finish?

Did you know that you don't define a common radio frequency channel for the timer and the nodes? The system uses frequency hopping spread spectrum (FHSS) which means that the timer and the nodes are changing radio channels many times every second. This is very beneficial when channels are bussy or experience interference!